I have a challenge for you guys...

Hey. I miss this community. I miss reading dorky fic, I miss writing dorky fic. So I have a challenge for you. It's not one of our usual challenges where people request stuff and then get assignments, it's kinda more open than that. It's not even necessarily a femslash challenge, although mine will definitely have some girl/girl relationshipping in it.

Here's the challenge: New Year's Eve, 2010.

Let's check in with the gals. What are they up to these days? How old are they, what are they doing? Are they still 11 and 13, stuck in the Stoneybrook time warp? Are they neatly paired off with each other, or are there a ton of new characters in their lives? Do they keep in touch with each other much these days?

Long fics, short fics, vignettes, whatever. Anytime between now and actual New Year's Eve, 2010. Anyone else in??

[Fic: BSC] The Less Things Change, the More They Never Seem the Same

Title: The Less Things Change, the More They Never Seem the Same
Pairing: Stacey/Charlotte
Rating/Word Count: G/2090
Timeline/Spoilers about two years post-series; spoilers for #3, "The Truth About Stacey"
Disclaimer: see journal
A/N: Written for chickwith_stick in the sleepover round at short_takes, who requested during or shortly after series end, a power outage, and mentions of 1980s pop culture. The femslash is more subtle this time, so hopefully this will suffice. Title is from Toby Keith's song "Who's That Man." I apologize for this being a week late; apparently, it's difficult to write/concentrate with a migraine that lasts over two weeks. I don't think this is one of my best, so I apologize for that, too. :(

Summary: Charlotte's questions and fears give Stacey a few realizations of her own.

No matter how old she became, Charlotte would always need her, and the reverse remained the same.

Softball, Sleepovers, and Surprises

TITLE: Softball, Sleepovers, and Surprises
AUTHOR: sportyallison7
PAIRING: Kristy/Stacey
WORD COUNT: 2650 something
SUMMARY: Junior year in Stoneybrook, someone comes back to stir things up.
Notes: A babysitters club fic, set when the girls are 16 and in high school.

I wrote this over a year ago, and didn't have time to write a new story. I know some of you might have read it before, but for everyone who hasn't, enjoy!


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Title: When We're Together

Author: Caitlin,


Pairing: Jessi/Mal friendship, Mal/Dawn Girlcrush

Written for:


over at


for the special sleepover round. My specific prompt was: reminiscing and confessions.

Rating: PG

Summary: Mallory goes to her first high school party: drinking, drugs, making out, and boys. Jessi, who had a late-running ballet rehearsal, isn't surprised when Mal requests a ride home. She is, however, surprised by the confession that the party elicits.

Disclaimer: The BSC belongs to Ann M. Martin. Do not steal, or feel her wrath!

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We Used to Be Friends

We Used To Be Friends (Shannon & Kristy) Short takes-sleepover round- Rating:PG, nothing explicit or graphic
Word Count: roughtly 2,800
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. I just like to play with them sometimes. They belong to Ann M. Martin and scholastic and whoever else might own rights to them.

Written for coffeecommunity who wanted Shannon with Kristy/Abby/Anna or Stacey with wintertime fluff and no angst or clients.
Authors Note:
This was not the story I set out to write but this is the story I ended up with. I hope that you enjoy it. Any and all comments are welcomed.

Lyrics by The Dany Warhols

A long time ago, we used to be friends.
But I haven't thought of you lately at all.

It seemed appropriate that this song was playing when I saw her again. This girl, now woman, that I used to know but hadn't seen in years.



Sleepover theme round

Title: Mallory's Ongoing Internal Monologue
Author: marycontraria
Pairing: Mallory/Mary Anne(ish) - actually, it's more Mallory/introspection... but I figure that's okay 'cause it's Mallory, right??
Timeline: October of Mallory's ninth grade year (which puts most of the rest of the girls in grade 11)
Disclaimer: not mine, just a fun way to avoid everything else I am supposed to be doing
Words: 1,964 according to my word count tool
For: amor_demi_alma, who asked for the following elements: eating cake, hand-holding, and snuggling... all of which got passing, fleeting mentions :)

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Hey, does anyone remember much about Riverbend? I want to write about Mallory coming back to Stoneybrook for high school, but would the option have been there for her to continue at Riverbend through high school, or is she back in the 'brook because she has no choice? It will probably make a difference in the setup of the story.