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Moving right along...

It sounds like there's definite interest in a special challenge! The two things I heard in comments were prompts and theme-based challenges, so I'm posting a poll to decide between the two. The poll will close on Monday and then we'll move on to setting up the new round!

This poll is closed.

What kind of challenge would you like to do?

People provide prompts, anyone can claim them and write them
A challenge based on a theme, such as "fall" or "graduation" or "reunion" (just examples)

In case we wind up with a theme-based challenge, suggest some themes!

a special challenge?

Hello out there from your old short_takes mod!

Lately, I've been feeling the need for a little BSC femslash fix. I still don't have the time/energy to start the community back up and running regularly (I don't think), but I was wondering if there would be interest in a one-time challenge this fall. It could one regular round, or it could a theme-centered challenge (eg, seasonal, a keyword, a glimpse into a specific point in the future), or it could be a challenge where everyone submits a request and people can sign up to write them, or something entirely different that I'm not thinking of!

So... is there interest?

If you'd be interested in writing for this challenge, please reply and let me know! And if you have ideas for what it could be, feel free to comment with that as well.


Title: Expectations (or, All I Can Say)
Pairing: Dawn/Mallory
Rating/Word Count: PG-13/8284
Timeline/Spoilers: high school; spoilers for #95, "Kristy+Bart=?" and #104, "Abby's Twin"
Disclaimer: see journal sidebar
A/N:Written for midnightwriting, who's been a great mod, in short_takes, who requested high school, college, or after and the following prompt: "I looked down the table at my normally quiet sister [sitting with Shannon]. Suddenly she seemed to have plenty to say." -#89, "Welcome to the BSC, Abby." Song is "Passenger Seat" by Stephen Speaks. I apologize for the lateness of this fic; the muse went on vacation while my best friend's wedding was eating my life. This is my longest fic ever, so please forgive me if it's not that great.

Summary: Shannon shoulders the weight of everyone's expectations as well as her own secret truths.

Suddenly there was nothing and everything left to talk about, and both of us had plenty to say.
Title: Sister Business
Author: marycontraria
Pairing: Shannon/Abby (although, as usual, the pairing has ended up rather secondary and the story has ended up being mostly about someone else - in this case, Tiffany)
Timeline: summer after first year of college (I am thinking it maybe takes place two or three weeks after the last Abby/Shannon fic I wrote)
Disclaimer: not mine, I just play here
Words: 1,575 or so
For: coffeecommunity, who asked for the following elements - going to different schools (SA vs. SHS), reactions from Shannon's sisters and/or other girl's siblings
Writing Notes: Plot is still not a strength, obviously - but I am not worrying about that too too much because I am writing fairly short pieces for these challenges. What I am still having a lot of trouble with is endings - I always get to the point where I think my fic is done, and I have no idea how to finish it, so it just kind of peters out and no matter how happy I am with it up to that point, the ending is always a disappointment. Does anybody have any pointers??

Anyhow. On to the fic:

The day that year-end report cards arrive from Stoneybrook Academy has traditionally been an awkward day in the Kilbourne household...Collapse )
Title: Wintry and Warm
Author: quirkytaverna
Fandom: BSC
Characters/Pairing: Shannon Kilbourne/Stacey McGill (brief mention of Shannon/Dawn)
Disclaimer: Not mine, no gain, don’t sue please.
Rating/Warning: N/A
Summary: “It had been a natural time for the girls to re-connect; when your friends party a little too hard when it’s time for the standardized testing that determines your entire life, you seek out those you know with similar principles”
A/N: 1,000ish words. For escritoireazul (!) and the Shannon round at short_takes

wintry & warm: @ my LJ

Know the World, Stacey/Shannon

Title: Know the World
Author: Carla
Disclaimer: Characters from the BSC belong to Ann M. Martin.
Dedication: Written for dsharpe113 for short_takes.
Warning: non-explicit girl slash
Rating: 13+

Summary: Shannon makes lists and outlines and color-coded notes, but that's not always the best way to know the world.

"Know the World"


Hey guys! I'm posting because after this round, I'm not going to have time to participate in this community anymore. I love it, and I hope it continues to exist, but stories are due today and I haven't even begun mine--not because I don't have ideas, but because I just haven't had the time. And as mod, I don't ever want to turn in a story late.

So what I wanted to know is if there's anyone who'd be willing to mod this community from here on out. I'm going to post a list of what that entails under the cut.

Read more...Collapse )

If you're interested, email me at writingthis at gmail dot com. If no one is interested, I'll consider continuing to mod, but I won't be writing anymore either way, and I can't promise anything.

Thanks guys, I've loved this community and had a lot of fun, and I appreciate everyone who has written for it and kept it alive!



Just a reminder--Shannon round stories for short_takes are due this Sunday!


Jan. 14th, 2009

Sign-ups are now closed for the Shannon round and assignments have been mailed out. Stories will be due on January 25th. Thanks to everyone who signed up!



Because I was a day late in posting the sign-ups for the Shannon round, and because so few people are signed up, I'm extending the sign-ups an extra day. Sign-ups will now close TUESDAY, JANUARY 13 at midnight Eastern time. Head on over and sign up!



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